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Hide details for ContactsContacts
SVNM8A5C9ZFixed a problem where switching from Contact 'List' view to 'Business Card' view would show an exception message on the status bar
ATAI7WSABLClient - When a Delivery Failure report is processed, the failed address will be automatically deleted from Recent Contacts and put into Contacts...
ASCR89KJ4KFixed a problem where the recent contact preference "Only names from emails I send" failed to work properly
AHOE88UJWRFixed an issue where Internet Address was not being exported via the "Export Contacts" function when choosing "csv format."
JMEA7WTN5DFixed an issue where the Title data was missing on contacts imported from a Blackberry device.
JEIN83DTR4Fixed an issue where the Mail file owner did not have the option to create a new contact or group. Action bar in Mailfile Contacts now matches the...
DBRO86HP2QContacts and Groups deleted from mail file now display properly when opened from the Trash view.
FBUE8AGKR3Fixed a problem where pressing F9 on Transfer Group or Transfer Location would clear out any names in the cc: field.
JADS7TALK3Fixed issue where contacts were not sorting as expected when shown as Lastname, Firstname. For example, it was sorting the name Adams after Adamson,...
FBUE8AGJEUFixed problem where Type Mismatch error would sometimes occur when clicking "Schedule a Meeting" button in Contacts
MBRN82WSETReorganized the mail file Contacts views' actoin bar to be consistent with the actions in the names.nsf (Contacts) database.
MCOT876JJYFixed NameLookup to increase performance when sending mail to nested groups. Group member lists are now merged to avoid duplicate lookup...
JRGE85ZP2FAdded Total column to the By Category view in Contacts.
LMAN7XGLJ4Fixed a problem in the Birthdays & Anniversaries view where clicking on the Private column was causing the view to display some contacts twice. The...
LMAN7ZNS5AAdded the ability to send a Group to another user, to mail file contacts
SSIS88LJGPFixed a problem where location names containing a vertical bar could not be administered through File -> Preferences on the Standard...
RKRY89JKMUThe code now marks those contacts in Recent Contacts which cannot be found by lookup. This is an optimization fix for Recent Contacts...
PBAO89SH7YFix the issue where "Import Contacts" and "Export Contacts" feature was not available for mailfile contacts
RKRY89LQGLFixed an issue where typeahead would show a recent contact address which came from a Delivery Failure Report. Typeahead will now ignore these...
XXQU88882JChanged the tabbed table at the bottom of the contact form to be visible when in Preview pane. Important note: Any data which was written in the...
YRSN87UAJFFixed a problem where editing a contact name would cause Sametime Awareness in Preview Pane (and Read Mode) to become disabled.
SYAI85K36RFixed issue where a user could create and save a group, where the same group name already existed.
TMDS868TAEAdded "Modified" column to the mail file's "My Contacts" view to be consistent with the names.nsf view of the same name.
VASR876SSWSyntax validation was added to Recent Contacts. The following are considered invalid: (1) Any address ending in period, backslash, forwardslash, @,...
TSAO876A7AFixed Group form to display an error if double-quote character is used in a group name.
MWAG87M9VDFixed issue with Help icon in dialog boxes so that it appears in mirror image for BiDi languages.
SRKM7ZHCQDFixed an issue where "Cannot create dialog box (Insufficient Memory) error occurred when importing large amount of contacts at one...
RKRY88ASEAProvide users the ability to delete all recent contacts by setting notes.ini variable
RMAS7ZTQ8VFixed a formula error which occurred when addressing a mail message. This error occurred when the business card of a recent contact which contains...


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